Dry Skin Treatments

We’ve all had dry skin at some point in our lives, but treating dry and cracked skin can be very difficult when you don’t know the correct medical treatments to use. Dry skin can lead to redness, severe cracking and extreme itching when not treated properly. Our team of skincare experts at Schweiger Dermatology will evaluate your skin and go over all of the various lifestyle and environmental factors that can contribute to your dry skin. We will also prescribe the proper skincare treatments to you to help your skin return to the supple and soft ideal. We offer prescription-strength and physician-dispensed moisturizers in our New York offices that contain the most elegant and effective ingredients to fully address your dry skin.

Dry Skin and Eczema

Your dry skin may also be related to eczema or an allergic reaction, which is why it’s important to get it assessed by one of our board certified dermatologists or PAs. The only way to properly treat eczema is with a prescription medication. There are also certain triggers that can bring on dry skin and eczema. Our staff will explain what to avoid and the necessary measures to take to keep your dry skin healthy.