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20 Best Hand Creams To Moisturize After Washing Your Hands

Person applying hand cream


Keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Our hands endure some of the toughest conditions of the skin on our body. According to Dr. Nava Greenfield of Schweiger Dermatology Group, “[Our hands] are exposed to the elements, which can dry them out. We also use harsh soap when washing our hands and often forget to moisturize.”

With the up-tick in washing hands amid a Coronavirus pandemic and flu season, our hands are bound to become dry and irritated.

But hand-washing isn’t something we can just skip — and for many important reasons. “Given the risk of Coronavirus, it is important to mitigate your risk by washing your hands frequently and for a long time (20 seconds) to avoid the virus traveling from your hands to mucus membrane, causing infection,” Dr. Greenfield adds.



Source : YourTango – 20 Best Hand Creams To Moisturize After Washing Your Hands By, Aly Walansky