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9 Items You Need to Maintain Your Self-Care Routine While Traveling

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One of the most stressful things about holiday travel is the getting there. A cramped plane is not the most comfortable environment, as the cabin often feels like it’s been sucked dry of moisture, leaving you with dragon breath, parched skin, and lackluster hair upon landing. Oof.

“Travel, especially flying on planes, draws a lot of moisture out of skin because of the lower-than-ideal humidity levels, [which are] often as low as 20%,” says New York-based dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, MD. While there’s certainly no avoiding these conditions when you’re on a plane, there are a few methods (and lifesaving products) you can employ to get you through your flight.

To prepare for air travel, Dr. Nazarian recommends hydrating skin from the inside (drink plenty of water) and outside by washing with a very mild cleanser the week before flying. She also suggests avoiding exfoliating brushes or harsh treatments like chemical peels that may weaken the skin barrier.


Source: Health – 9 Items You Need to Maintain Your Self-Care Routine While Traveling By, Susan Brickell


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