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9 Tattoo Locations That Are Most Likely To Get Infected

When getting a tattoo, the possibility of infection is always something to keep in mind as your new ink heals — but especially so if you get a tattoo in an area that’s prone to infection. While it’s possible for all tattoos to have complications, there are a few locations on the body that tend to get infected more easily, and may need a bit more attention as a result.

“It is important to avoid getting an infection in your tattoo because it can lead to scarring in the area which can be permanent,” board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jeremy Fenton, of Schweiger Dermatology Group in NYC, tells Bustle. “In addition, serious infections in the skin can even spread to the bloodstream and cause serious infections that can damage other organs or even be life threatening.”

While that is most extreme of situations, by taking great care of your skin during the healing process, you can keep the area healthy, and avoid infection. But you still might want to rethink the location — especially if your tattoo artist thinks it’ll get infected, or if you don’t trust yourself to keep it totally clean.

As Dr. Fenton says, “If [you] aren’t willing to take diligent care of the tattoo while it is healing, [you] should probably stick to less risky areas.” Here are a few tattoo locations that are most likely to get infected, according to experts.

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Source: Bustle – 9 Tattoo Locations That Are Most Likely To Get Infected  By, Carolyn Steber

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