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Brooklyn Beckham’s Latest Body Treatment Leaves Weird Scarring on His Back

That’s gotta hurt! Brooklyn Beckham took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, April 20, to show off some very purple, circular bruises on his back.

In the picture, the 22-year-old photographer pushed up his hair to give a full view of 6 marks trailing from the middle of his back, up his shoulder and over to his left arm.

But fear not — Beckham didn’t go off and get some peculiar tattoo (although we wouldn’t put it past him!) or get into a dangerous accident. Instead, he simply had a body treatment called cupping.

“It’s [cupping] a popular treatment for muscle pain that originally stared in Middle Eastern, Egyptian and Chinese cultures and was recently popularized with use by pro athletes,” Dr. Michele Farber, board-certified dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in Philadelphia, PA tells Us Weekly.

She explains that the treatment uses cups to “create suction and promote blood flow to muscles,” which in turn can “promote healing and reduce pain.”



Source : Us Weekly – Brooklyn Beckham’s Latest Body Treatment Leaves Weird Scarring on His Back Edited By, Samantha Holender

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