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Cell Turnover is the “Holy Grail Of Healthy Skin,” But What Does It Actually Mean?

Check out the purported benefits of most of your favorite, most effective skin-care products—from your AM acid peel to your PM retinol treatment—and you’ll likely discover that it stimulates skin cell turnover. The phrase is thrown around all the time, and touted as one of the most important elements in dealing with pretty much any skin concern, but what the heck does it actually mean?

Every cell in your body has a life cycle, and in the case of adult skin cells, that cycle lasts around 28 days. (It slows down when you get older, but more on that later). New skin cells are born in the deepest layer of your dermis, called the basal layer. As they mature, they move through the epidermis toward the skin’s surface. At some point during this process, they lose their nuclei, which means they’re no longer active, living cells. “They become a thickened layer of dead cells, and over time, they slough off,” says board-certified dermatologist Jason Miller, MD.

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Source: Well+Good – Cell Turnover is the “Holy Grail Of Healthy Skin,” But What Does It Actually Mean? By, Zoe Weiner

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