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Do Hair-Growth Treatments Actually Work For Stress-Related Hair Loss?


Stress-related hair loss and thinning, particularly in the time of COVID-19, is something many people face but isn’t discussed enough. Products by brands such as Vegamour and Nutrafol are trending wildly these days, promising thicker, healthier hair in just a few months. But they aren’t cheap, and do they even work? We interviewed dermatologists to get their insight on the most popular hair regrowth products on the market right now.

When it comes to choosing a product or combination of products to address hair loss (from supplements to topical treatments), consulting a board-certified dermatologist is a key first step.

Working with a professional from the start can help prevent you from wasting money and time on ineffective products, or products that aren’t targeting the specific reasons behind your hair loss.



Source : HuffPost – Do Hair-Growth Treatments Actually Work For Stress-Related Hair Loss? Edited By, Abigail Abesamis Demarest


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