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Here’s Exactly How to Fight Stress Acne

It’s like clockwork: Halfway into a crazy day, you discover a red pimple emerging on your cheek. Great! How nice! Meet stress acne, which can appear anytime you’re feeling anxious, worried, or generally burnt out, and will take your day from bad to worse.

Well, enough is enough. Use these four tips to tackle stress pimples, so that they’re less noticeable by the time you’ve poured a glass of rosé and queued up a show.

1. Know Thy Enemy

Know thy enemy. Stress acne is the result of an unfortunate and deeply annoying domino effect that occurs in the body when you’re under pressure—as if being stressed out isn’t bad enough.

“Stress enhances pathways that raise cortisol levels and trigger increased oil production, which can lead to acne formation on the skin,” explains Rachel Nazarian, MD, a dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in NYC. Fun fact: It’s like what happens when your hormones are out of whack before, say, your period—which is why they both conveniently appear when you feel like you just can’t right now. Both send signals to skin telling it to produce more oil, which can then clog pores.

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Source: Cosmopolitan – Here’s Exactly How to Fight Stress Acne By, Deanna Pai


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