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Hilarious photo proves kids and self-tanning lotion don’t mix

Kyle Duffield, 2, and his 3-year-old friend Leo Riddell, of Scotland, have made headlines just by testing out one of their moms’ self-tanning product and making an adorable bronze mess in the process. Kyle’s mom, Billie Fotheringham, posted to Facebook a video and a photo in which the boys have brown and orange splotches all over them, making it look like they’re covered in dirt.

While this is undeniably cute and innocent fun, one shouldn’t ignore the fact that this should not be tried at home, as the cosmetics can be hazardous to a child’s skin.

“The active ingredient, DHA, in sunless tanners, although far safer than solar ultraviolet light for tanning in adults, has not demonstrated safety in children and should be avoided,” Nava Greenfield, M.D., of Schweiger Dermatology Group in Brooklyn, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “DHA appears to be safe for adults, despite that controversy around this product several years ago.” Greenfield explains that the tanner works by basically staining your skin without going past the first layer of skin, but that children, however, are different, as they are more delicate and still developing.

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Source: Yahoo! Lifestyle – Hilarious photo proves kids and self-tanning lotion don’t mix By, Maggie Parker


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