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Just How Damaging Are Your Dirty Habits?

Dirty habits

Don’t think it’s a problem to wear unwashed gym clothes? Not concerned with not washing your hands? Think a trip to the toilet wouldn’t be complete without scrolling through Insta? We’ll we’ve raked the muck on the “harmless” habits that could be playing havoc with your health, and let us tell you: it’s time to get your house in order.

You Wear Old Gym Clothes. How disgusting is it?

“Most men have worn sweaty shirts without a problem,” says Dr Jason Miller of Schweiger Dermatology Group. You can get minor acne on your chest or arms and the worst-case scenario is a fungal infection. You can kill acne-causing bacteria by foaming up after your session with suds that contain essential oils.


Source : Men’s Health – Just How Damaging Are Your Dirty Habits? By, Jessica Migala