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No Matter Where Body Acne Pops Up, Here’s How Dermatologists Send It Packing

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Summer is almost here, which means walking around with your entire body coated in sweat will happen as frequently as influencers posting photos on top of swan floats. And with all that sweat inevitably comes body acne.

Just like with your face, a combination of oil and grime on top of your skin can cause breakouts pretty much anywhere on your body—from your chest to your arms and legs to your butt. “Facial and body acne share several similarities, and can both be driven by overactive oil glands, delayed sloughing of dead skin cells and colonization with P acnes bacteria,” says Dr. Marla Diakow, MD of Schweiger Dermatology Group in Garden City, New York. But, she says, there’s one major difference. “Acne-like bumps on the body are more often from folliculitis, which is triggered by inflammation of the hair follicles.”

As anyone who’s ever dealt with acne on their faces probably knows, there’s rarely just one thing causing it—chances are, it’s a combination of a few different factors coming together for a perfect storm.


Source : Well+Good – No Matter Where Body Acne Pops Up, Here’s How Dermatologists Send It Packing By, Zoe Weiner


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