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Pregnant Jessica Simpson Says She Swears By This Product for Her Bloated Face

Pregnancy Bloating


Every expectant mama learns that swelling is an unavoidable part of pregnancy. Jessica Simpson knows this, and she just revealed exactly how she deals.

In a recent Instagram video, Simpson, who’s currently carrying baby number three, explained that her face has been feeling swollen lately. She was searching for a product that would relieve her facial bloat by tightening her skin, and thanks to her partnership with Teami, she found what she was looking for. The brand’s Green Tea Detox Mask ($30; teamiblends.comthis link opens in a new tab) gets the job done, she said.

“It’s gentle on my skin, pulls out my blackheads (AMAZING), and leaves my skin soft and tight,” she wrote in her caption.

However, New York-based Rachel Nazarian, MD, a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, tells Health that although the mask does have those properties, “a mild decrease in skin inflammation may cause a subtle decrease in puffiness, but it’s unlikely to be dramatic.”

Dr. Nazarian adds that because swelling in pregnancy is typically due to hormonal changes and water retention, “a topical mask unfortunately can’t make a major change with puffiness, but massaging the face can improve lymphatic drainage and decrease puffiness temporarily.”


Source: Health – Pregnant Jessica Simpson Says She Swears By This Product for Her Bloated Face By, Samantha Lauriello


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