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Stretch Mark Creams: Should You Even Bother?



If you’ve got tiger stripes, you’re in extraordinarily good company. An estimated 80 percent of women in the USA have stretch marks, per CBS News—and hey, even RiRi says she’s got ‘em. Strength in numbers, y’all.

Still, you’re human, so you may have been tempted once or twice by all the stretch mark creams you see on store shelves. Easier and less painful than whatever the hell Kim K does, right? But…here’s why you should save your $.

Stretch marks, simply put, happen when skin is rapidly stretched, like with pregnancy, weight gain, a growth spurt, or while body building, says New York dermatologist Tara Rao, M.D., of Schweiger Dermatology Group.

The mark develops when skin is stretching faster than the body can lay down all the nutrients needed to build normal, smooth skin. They can also crop up if your skin is too thin after using topical steroid creams (like to treat a rash) over a long period of time, she says.


Source: Women’s Health – Stretch Mark Creams: Should You Even Bother? By, Grace Gold


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