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The Best Winter Gloves to Protect Your Hands from the Bitter Cold

The are two types of people in this world: The ones who look out their window and see the first snowfall of the year and immediately start planning a jam-packed schedule of ice skating, skiing, and every other winter activity they can think of. And, the ones who shudder and run off to bury themselves in a pile of their warmest blankets.

For those with hands that are freezing cold 24/7, winter is probably your least favorite season. The cold weather can be incredibly drying, and the chilly breeze can lead to a case of windburn in seconds. But if you have a solid pair of gloves, the below-freezing temps won’t even stand a chance.

How to find the best winter gloves

Before making a purchase, there are some qualities to look for that will ensure you keep all your digits nice and cozy. First and foremost, go for quality material. “When looking for a pair of winter gloves, always make sure to get a pair that’s breathable. 3M thinsulate is a popular material, and it’s both breathable and moisture-resistant,” says Lana Pinchasov, PA-C, a physician’s assistant at Schweiger’s Dermatology Group in New York City. “Other materials like leather, cashmere, and fleece will have different varieties of cold protection and warmth levels. Thermal gloves are also very warm, as they usually have two layers of protection,” she adds.

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Source: Prevention – The Best Winter Gloves to Protect Your Hands from the Bitter Cold By, Tehrene Firman

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