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The Best Women’s Facial Razors and Shaving Creams, According to Experts

Best Women’s Facial Razors


For women, shaving isn’t often the first strategy that comes to mind for removing unwanted facial hair, but it’s long been an open secret among beauty bloggers that it’s one of the best ways to get rid of hair and prep skin for easy makeup application. Now, with endorsements from both celebrity estheticians like Kate Sommerville and Bachelor contestants like Michelle Money, female facial shaving has gone mainstream, and experts agree it has several advantages over waxing or tweezing.

If you’re interested in a face shave, read on for five dermatologists and an esthetician’s recommendations for razors and shaving creams that’ll give you the smoothest, hair-free face.

Shiseido Prepare Facial Razor

Back in 2016, Kathleen Hou, beauty director at the Cut, introduced us to these Japanese razors with a cult following. She loves that “they’re small enough to fit under your chin, with enough of an edge to remove peach fuzz, yet not so sharp that they’ll nick you.” Dermatologist Dr. Nava Greenfield of Schweiger Dermatology Group agrees that they’re a great choice. “The most important thing is to not reuse a razor blade,” she says, and since these are cheap and disposable it’s easy to use a new one for each shave.


Source: The Strategist – The Best Women’s Facial Razors and Shaving Creams, According to Experts By, Karen Iorio Adelson


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