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The Essential Guide to Makeup Removers for a Gentle, Thorough Clean

While longwear makeup formulations have their obvious advantages, they can sometimes do the job too well, proving near impossible to take off with the average cleanser. Dedicated makeup removers are uniquely equipped to help. Though such compounds could be harsh in the past—the lesser evil to elbow grease—newer formulations are now taking a different approach.

Another smart option is a biphase makeup remover—a vinaigrette-like mix designed to be shaken before use—which can be good for targeting small areas of the face. “The lipid phase helps dissolve oil-soluble makeup, then the aqueous phase helps rinse the makeup away,” says Michele Farber, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist in Philadelphia.

But if one has a regular face wash on hand, how necessary is a makeup remover, really? It’s a small but important distinction: A makeup remover squarely takes aim at cosmetic formulations, from all-day foundation to no-budge liner. “A cleanser, on the other hand, is designed to help remove dirt on skin and in pores,” says Farber. While some products can do both, it can be a rare find. Plus, makeup removers are now tailored to suit different preferences, adds Parsons, with something for everyone. With that in mind, consider these the best for taking it all off.



Source : Vanity Fair – The Essential Guide to Makeup Removers for a Gentle, Thorough Clean Edited By, Deanna Pai

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