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There’s What in your Face Cream?

CBD in cosmetics


CBD, a compound extracted from cannabis, has become the darling of the beauty world seemingly overnight. Yes, it’s legal, and no, it won’t get you high (It doesn’t have any THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana that comes from another part of the plant).

Legions of fans, whether slathering it on their bodies or downing it in capsules, tinctures, or even gourmet gumdrops, share anecdotal experiences that make it sound like a cure for . . . well, practically everything. CBD is purported to ease muscle aches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, psoriasis, wrinkles, puffy eyes, and eczema — and that’s just for starters.

“CBD lends itself to topical skincare products as it has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties, which make it soothing for the skin,” says Dr. Charisse Dolitsky of Schweiger Dermatology Group. “It’s also an antioxidant, meaning it can assist the skin in eliminating free radicals, which are induced by the sun and the environment and cause damage.”

While Dolitsky sees CBD oil as a promising skin-care ingredient with an overall good safety profile, she has a caveat. “There is a paucity of data from clinical studies, so not enough information is available to determine optimal concentrations of CBD in products.”


Source: Long Island Living – There’s What in your Face Cream? By, Christina Vercelletto


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