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What Happens When You Don’t Clean Your Phone, According To Experts

Clean your phone

You set your phone down on the bathroom counter, toss it into the depths of your bag, and text with it all day long — even when your fingers are covered in food residue. And yet the times you actually sanitize it are probably few and far between. So what happens when you don’t clean your phone?

Besides a streaky screen or sticky phone case, not giving it the occasional once over can expose you to quite a few germs. In fact, studies have shown just how dirty phones are, with some carrying the likes of the bacteria E. coli and even the flu virus.

A dirty phone can also impact your skin. They are covered in bacteria, but also “oils, makeup, and dead skin cells,” Dr. Jason Miller, a board-certified dermatologist with Schweiger Dermatology Group, tells Bustle. These oils are then transferred from the screen to your skin when making calls, as well as from your fingers if you text and then touch your skin.


Source : Bustle – What Happens When You Don’t Clean Your Phone, According To Experts By, Carolyn Steber




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