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What Is a Carrier Oil? Here’s What To Know Before Applying Essential Oils to Your Skin

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Essential oils can be aromatherapeutic (consider how peppermint can elevate a typical massage to an experience that’s “ahhh” worthy) and can also be useful in skin-care applications (acne treatments sometimes contain tea tree oil, for example). But on their own, the botanical extracts are potent, and they can be irritating if applied directly to skin in their pure form. That’s where carrier oils come in.

The reason carrier oils are important in aromatherapy and when creating skin care is because they provide a buffer between the skin. Many essential oils can cause an unwanted and uncomfortable reaction on the skin, says dermatologist Nava Greenfield, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City. “A carrier oil can be used to create a physical separation so that the essential oil has less direct contact with the keratinocytes, or skin cells, creating less of an adverse reaction,” she says.



Source : Well+Good – What Is a Carrier Oil? Here’s What To Know Before Applying Essential Oils to Your Skin Edited By, Mary Grace Garis

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