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Which Cellulite Treatments Actually Work?

Point blank: Cellulite can make us feel self-conscious. No matter the season, our shape, or size, when those indentations are in sight, the prospect of showing some skin or stepping out in a style that hugs our curves is often a no-go. While there are a number of products and treatments that promise to smooth out the look of dimply skin, not all have a long-lasting effect. Keep reading to find out what causes cellulite in the first place and which skin solutions really work.

Contrary to popular belief, cellulite isn’t simply the fat that lies under the surface of our skin. “The appearance of cellulite is created when thick, fibrous septae, extending from the deep connective tissue layer to [the] muscle, pull down on [fat cells], trapping fat into discrete pockets,” explains Mara Weinstein Velez, a New York-based general and cosmetic dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group. These pockets of fat — most often on the buttocks, thighs, and hips — translate into the dimples we see on the skin’s surface.

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Source: Brit and Co. – Which Cellulite Treatments Actually Work? By, Valis Vicenty


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