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Yes, You Should Still Wear Sunscreen While You’re Self-Quarantining

When you’re self-quarantining, a lot of your normal routines — trips to the gym, daily grocery runs — must change out of necessity. But you can, for the most part, maintain a skincare routine. It might even provide a much-needed sense of normalcy when it feels like everything else is changing fast. Still, do you need to switch it up at all to accommodate your new reality?

When it comes to skincare, the big difference between normal you and quarantine you is the amount of time you’re spending outside. You may not be getting as much sun — or even seeing the sun — as much as you normally do. Still, you shouldn’t forgo sunscreen, says Dr. Nava Greenfield, a dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in Brooklyn, New York. While it may be true that sunscreen is less important when you’re indoors, windows don’t filter out harmful UV rays, which means your face still needs protection.

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Source: Mashable India – Yes, You Should Still Wear Sunscreen While You’re Self-Quarantining By, Chloe Bryan


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