Skincare Tips for When You’re Sick

Oh no, you’re sick. What does this mean for your skin? According to the media, we’re experiencing the worst flu season in decades and possibly ever. While your skin may be the last thing on your mind when your whole body aches and you feel as though a train just rain over your head, it’s […]

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Skin Cancer Detection and Life Saving Tips

Because the scary truth is that skin cancer can kill you. Approximately 1 in 5 Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer, but if treated early, skin cancer is nearly 100% curable. Annual skin exams are hands down the best way to keep yourself healthy and skin cancer-free. But knowing the difference between skin cancer […]

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The Truth About Eczema

How to treat eczema and why do you even have it in the first place? Dr. Jeremy Fenton of Schweiger Dermatology Group in Midtown Manhattan answers all your burning—and itching—questions about eczema. Is it dry skin or eczema? This is a common question our dermatology providers get on a daily basis—especially in the winter, when […]

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The Top Acne Myths

The Top Acne Myths: What Really Causes Acne and How to Treat Breakouts Are you treating acne breakouts with toothpaste? If so, it’s time for a refresher on what does and does not work when it comes to fixing acne. Beware of anything that sounds like a quick fix. Properly treating acne requires a lot […]

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The Best Tips for Treating Dry Winter Skin

Tips and tricks from our dermatologists on how to treat dry and itchy in the wintertime. Dry skin can occur during any season, but it’s in the winter, when there’s no humidity in the air, that it becomes uncomfortable and itchy. “Cold and dry winter conditions typically dehydrate skin by drawing moisture out of the […]

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