Clinical Research FAQ

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical research is a division of medical affairs that is dedicated to evaluating the effectiveness, safety, and application of a new treatment or procedure using clinical research trials. Clinical research trials are an essential step in creating and developing a new treatment for a wide range of diseases and medical conditions. They are focused on answering a specific scientific question to provide evidence toward supporting a new treatment or procedure. You can find more information on clinical research trials here.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can participate in a clinical research trial as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. Eligibility criteria (called Inclusion and exclusion criteria) are established by the research team to determine who is and isn’t an appropriate candidate for the research study. These criteria are study specific and include factors ranging from age to severity of condition. You can find more information on who can participate here.

How to Participate?

To participate in a clinical research trial, you will need to contact the Schweiger Dermatology research staff. You can submit your information for a specific study that is currently available, or you can submit your information to our database and be contacted when a study does become available that fits your interests. You will be asked to come to the office for a certain number of visits over a period of time. It is your duty as a research patient to make each visit. You can submit your information to participate in a clinical research trial here.
**PLEASE NOTE: Any information that is provided to us by you will be kept confidential, and will be stored in compliance with all HIPAA , ICH, privacy, and GCP guidelines.**
Participation in a clinical research trial is completely voluntary. You will never feel forced or pressured to participate a clinical research trial at any time. You can even stop doing a clinical research trial even if you have already started! Our goal is to make sure you are comfortable about the research you are interested in. At no time will we ask you to waive any rights or do anything you do not feel comfortable doing. You can find more information on your rights as a research patient here.

What Do I Need to Participate in a Clinical Research Trial?

To participate in a clinical research trial at Schweiger Dermatology, you will be asked to provide the research team with personal information, a photo ID, and transportation to the visits. No insurance is needed and the study visits are at no cost to you.

What is The Benefit to Me of Participating in a Clinical Research Trial?

The benefits to participating in a clinical research trial include being able to see a medical doctor more often during your participation in the study, participation in advancing scientific knowledge, and possible compensation for time and travel.

What Are The Risks to Me of Participating in a Clinical Research Trial?

All research studies include some form of risk since the information on the drug, device, or procedure being evaluated is limited. The level of risk can range from minimal risk to severe, but it is entirely dependent on the specific clinical research trial. Each individual person may react differently while on the study. We encourage you to speak with the study staff regarding the level of risk associated with the clinical research trial of interest.
If you have additional questions or would like to discuss the clinical research procedures at Schweiger Dermatology, please feel free to contact one of our research staff members here


Description on the SD Research Facilities

Schweiger Dermatology started conducting research studies in 2014. The research department was created to become involved in the advancement of new treatments and procedures in the world of dermatology. Our mission is to be on the front lines of research to evaluate the science and support the development of ground breaking novel dermatologic treatments.
We have state of the art facilities equipped with advanced treatment devices, photography equipment, CLIA certified lab, secure storage locations, HIPAA compliant patient database, and highly experienced staff. With the addition of a dedicated research center at 110 East 55th Street on Floor 13, Schweiger Dermatology is devoting an increased effort towards expanding research activities. Our goal is to make sure that our research patients are comfortable, informed, excited, and safe.

Process of Submitting a Clinical Research Trial

Schweiger Dermatology is currently accepting new clinical research protocols. Once a clinical research trial is submitted to the research team, you can expect a response within 48 hours. Turn around times for contracts, start up, and IRB submission is less than 7 days. Please contact our clinical research manager to discuss the services offered by our clinical research team.
If you are interested in discussing a clinical research opportunity, please contact:
Andrew Frisina, Clinical Research Manager
110 East 55th Street, Floor 19
New York, New York 10022
T: (646) 604-4344
F: (212) 872-1534




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