The Top Ten Reasons to Love CoolSculpting

A mix of before and after picture, showing reduced fat

What exactly is CoolSculpting and how does it work? It’s one of the newest and most innovative ways to help reduce body fat without having to undergo a complex and painful surgical procedure. Essentially, CoolSculpting involves a painless in-office treatment process during which a cosmetic dermatologist will use a handpiece to address problem areas.

The handpiece passes over the targeted area with a suction-like effect. This then reduces the temperature of that particular part of the body which in turn hastens the breakdown of fat cells. The body’s immune system then steps in and starts to flush away these broken down cells away. Patients are left with a decreased number of fat cells in the treated area and an overall firmer, tighter look.

So why exactly should you look into CoolSculpting—the region’s best dermatologists can guide you through the process step by step, consult with you about how the treatment works and help you get the end results you desire!

  1. Lose fat without hours at the gym
    While diet and exercise are certainly important, sometimes they need to be helped along. Most people love the idea of looking more toned and fit, and ultimately realizing that healthier, slimmer appearance. CoolSculpting can help you reduce the look of fat in those areas that perhaps are a bit more stubborn and harder to address with just exercise alone.

  2. No more trending diets!
    From no carb and no fat to fasting, diet trends certainly do come and go. The key is to try and eat healthy, however, sometimes a fad diet or healthy eating alone just don’t get it done. Dermatology offers you a way to take care of some of those problem areas far more quickly and painlessly.

  3. Regain your confidence
    Cosmetic dermatologists get their reward from helping people feel better about themselves. CoolSculpting is one such treatment that can make this happen. No longer shy away from mirrors, feel good in your clothes, approach life in general with a far more confident outlook.

  4. Address specific problem areas
    Things such as “muffin tops” and the dreaded “bra bulge” aren’t exactly the look many of us are going for. By CoolSculping arms and other such targeted areas, you can greatly diminish the appearance of fat in those otherwise hard to address spots.

  5. Take years off your appearance – Using CoolSculpting in the chin area, can help firm up your face and in the end, make it look years younger. Fat can contribute to a sagging effect—this makes people look older than they should. With CoolSculpting in strategic areas around the face, you will look and feel years younger!

  6. FDA-approved and completely safe
    – Non invasive, non surgical and 100 percent safe, the FDA has given CoolSculpting their seal of approval. The best dermatologists understand precisely how to maximize your office visit and get you safe and beautiful results.

  7. Absolutely no downtime
    – Come in during your lunch break. Depending on the area of the body you are treating, the process could take as little as ten to fifteen minutes. No pain, no complex process. Simple, fast and you’re back to work or play immediately afterward.

  8. Enjoy shopping for jeans again!
    Skinny jeans, bootcut or whatever shape you want, CoolSculpting will help you to feel great trying on those jeans again. You can face the dressing room mirror and be very happy with what you see.

  9. It’s all about you!
    – There is no generic approach when it comes to CoolSculpting arms, chin, muffin top or any other problem area. A cosmetic dermatologist will consult with you regarding your specific targeted spots, your goals and your schedule. It’s an individualized process designed to make you feel amazing when all is said and done!

  10. You’ve waited long enough
    – We know that you want to feel better in your own skin. And sometimes troublesome areas like the bra bulge or bat wings can hamper your happiness, your self-esteem and your ability to face life head on. There is no time like the present to do something about it, start feeling more confident and be happy with your body once again!

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