Melasma Treatments

Melasma is sometimes referred to as the “mask of pregnancy,” because it is likely to present during pregnancy, due to hormones. But the dark pigmented splotches of melasma can appear at anytime, even on people who have never been pregnant. Prolonged sun exposure is another culprit of melasma. The most common areas on the skin for melasma to appear are the forehead, bridge of the nose, chin and the upper lip. Melasma can also present on the arms or anywhere on the body that gets repeated sun exposure. Melasma can be an embarrassing skin problem, as it’s difficult to cover with makeup and gives the skin a splotchy appearance.

How We Treat Melasma

At Schweiger Dermatology, we employ several different methods to properly address your melasma. We can prescribe topical medications, perform a chemical peel or use laser therapy on the skin to treat surface pigment. Here’s a look at the most effective ways to treat melasma in our offices:

Topical Treatments

There are several prescription topical treatments that work to lighten the skin and get rid of melasma. Topical creams containing hydroquinone, tretinoin and corticosteroids will target pigmented areas and help fade the darkened spots on the skin.

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