No Sweat: The New MiraDry Treatment for Underarms

Lady showing under arms after MiraDry treatment

As we head into the New York City Marathon weekend,  many of us in the city will either be sweating it out in the race or watching the runners perspire as they traverse 26.2 miles across the boroughs. Sweating is essential to cooling our bodies down, but what if there was a way to reduce perspiration in the one area we all spend loads of money and time dealing with–the underarm area. Once you hit puberty (or sometimes even before), underarm sweat–and smell–becomes an issue you have to deal with on a daily basis. From the ongoing pursuit of the perfect deodorant to the annoying white stains on your favorite shirts, underarm sweat is not fun for anyone.

Particularly for those that suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), an embarrassing issue that many people deal with. Around 3% of the population suffers from clinically diagnosed excessive sweating. Enter miraDry, the exciting new FDA-approved non-invasive treatment that targets and destroys underarm sweat glands for good.


The New miraDry Treatment for Underarms

The new miraDry treatment is a breakthrough non-invasive, in-office procedure where targeted energy is delivered to the sweat and odor glands and they are destroyed. Thanks to local anesthetic used and a soothing and cooling function on the treatment hand piece, you can now have underarms free of sweat and odor. We have over two million sweat glands throughout our bodies. Your underarms only contain approximately 2% of those glands. Getting rid of your underarm glands will not harm your body’s function to properly perspire.


MiraDry Treatment: What to Expect

The miraDry treatment itself lasts about one hour, which includes time for the treatment area to become numb. You will remain in a reclined position during the treatment. The hand piece will gently suck the treated area in so the miraWave energy can target the sweat glands. Following the treatment, you might be asked to ice the area. You can immediately resume your activities and go back to work. Results will be seen right away. After your treatment, you can throw your antiperspirant out! MiraDry is considered to be a one and done treatment, however some people may need two treatments for best results.

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