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About Schweiger Dermatology Group

Schweiger Dermatology Group was founded to help make excellent dermatology care accessible throughout the Northeast. In 2010, Dr. Eric Schweiger started the practice with a single location in Midtown Manhattan. When he saw the need for high-quality dermatology care that did not require weeks or months of waiting to see a qualified provider, his vision of a multi-location practice was born.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services do you offer at Schweiger Dermatology Group?

    The Schweiger Dermatology Group is a dermatology care provider offering treatment and services to address all your skincare needs. The prevention and treatment of skin cancer is at the heart of what we do. Other dermatological conditions we treat include herpes, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, acne, genital warts, melanoma, skin cancer, keratosis pilaris, cold sores, warts, skin tags, rashes, and mole removal.

    We also offer innovative and advanced treatment options to our patients, including robotic hair restoration, non-surgical skin tightening, advanced placements of injectables, and overall skin rejuvenation. Our dermatology providers are specially trained on the latest and most effective methods in cosmetic dermatology.

  • What kind of skin conditions do you treat at Schweiger Dermatology Group?

    Skin conditions treated at Schweiger Dermatology Group include herpes, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, acne, genital warts, melanoma, skin cancer, keratosis pilaris, cold sores, warts, skin tags, rashes, and mole removal. However, this is not an exhaustive list. If you have a skin condition that you need looking at, schedule an appointment today.

  • Do you offer Allergy & Asthma services at Schweiger Dermatology Group?

    Yes we offer comprehensive Allergy & Asthma services at our Schweiger Dermatology Group – Gramercy and Schweiger Dermatology Group – Financial District locations. To book an appointment, click here.

  • Do you offer Botox® treatments at Schweiger Dermatology Group?

    Yes, we offer Botox® treatment for patients who are looking to minimize or reverse wrinkle formation. Only four types of neuromodulators have been approved by the FDA for cosmetic use: Botox®, Dysport®, Jeuveau, or Xeomin.

    At the Schweiger Dermatology Group, we can offer treatment using any of these approved muscle relaxants to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in a way that looks natural. Our board-certified physicians will advise you about your procedure and help you make an informed choice regarding your treatment.

  • Do you offer dermal fillers and injectables at Schweiger Dermatology Group?

    Yes, we do! Whether you want to fill in smile lines or add volume to your cheek area, our dermatology providers will advise you on the product that best suits your needs. We can help patients achieve a natural look with treatment for facial rejuvenation using a combination of the most advanced forms of dermal fillers and injectables.

  • What body contouring services do you offer?

    At Schweiger Dermatology Group, we offer patients a variety of non-surgical body contouring techniques. Treatment is designed to target specific areas to provide skin tightening and lifting options for those dealing with sagging skin. Our providers can also recommend the best body toning treatments (TruSculpt and CoolSculpting) to help tighten, tone, and contour areas of the body that have not adequately responded to diet and exercise.

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