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Dealing with Acne

Dealing with Acne: What You Need to Know

Like paying taxes, acne is an unfortunate part of life. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who’s never dealt with a pimple in their entire life. The occasional zit, while certainly a nuisance, can be strategically covered up using a little makeup. However, ongoing breakouts and cystic acne can leave long lasting scars—on both the skin and the self-esteem. We’re lucky to live in a day and age where addressing the signs and causes of acne outbreaks is easier than it has been. Science and technology have come a long way as far as helping reduce the frequency of outbreaks, acne scar treatments, and giving skin a smoother and clearer appearance. The first step is to speak to a top dermatologist or dermatology provider and find out which types of treatments are the best at treating acne.

Understanding and treating acne

The Best Acne Treatments Available

With new laser and photo therapy based technologies, the best dermatologists know how to deal with acne outbreaks and maximize treatment benefits. For instance, blue light and red light treatments are designed to first kill the acne causing bacteria that may be lingering in pores, and then with the red light process, the dermatologist aims to even out skin tone, reduce inflammation and help with potential acne scarring.

There is also the F.A.S.T. treatment. As it acronymic name suggests, this process works quite a bit faster than the typical treatments available. Focal Acne Scar Treatment essentially uses a fractional laser to poke microscopic holes in the skin. This in turn helps to stimulate collagen production which imbues the skin with a smoother and far more even appearance.

Next Generation Acne Treatments

Photodynamic therapy is another popular treatment for helping patients overcome their acne outbreaks. A topical solution is applied to the targeted area and then a light activates the formula. This then helps to destroy acne related bacteria while also minimizing the glands responsible for oil production in the skin. Additionally, we have treated acne patients using Cortisone injections as well as the revolutionary Isolaz laser procedure. This particular treatment entails “vacuuming” the surface of the skin thus removing dirt and debris that clog pores. And then a laser is used to further penetrate and purify the skin. Proving extremely effective, patients are thrilled with the incredible results.

What You Can Do to Help Your Complexion

It’s a simple fact: Some people are more prone to acne outbreaks than others. The formation of acne on the skin can be attributed to multiple factors, some of which are beyond our control. However, there are certain measures you can take to try and keep your acne breakouts in check. certainly do account for potential acne outbreak frequency and severity. Here, some of the lifestyle tips we often share with patients who want to know how to keep their skin clear:

  • Diet: Diet is perhaps at the top of the list as far as measures we can take and lifestyle changes that we can implement to lessen the intensity of acne. It has been shown that having a sugar rich diet can contribute to outbreaks. Things like rice, pasta, bread and other such carbs may lead to a surge in insulin production. And too much insulin has been known to result in the growth of cells that can promote excess oil and thereby clog pores. Also, dairy products like milk and ice cream, cheeses and yogurt have been seen in some people to aggravate acne. One thing you might do is to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat on a daily basis. Also, whole grains are extremely beneficial in the fight against acne.
  • Avoid: “taking care of it yourself.” Popping pimples for one is not the smartest idea for dealing with your acne. This can actually expose you to infections, not to mention, exacerbate any acne scarring that might potentially occur. If you opt to just ‘leave it” instead and let it run its course, this too can intensify the amount and type of acne scars that will inevitably remain.

We deal with numerous patients facing issues because of their acne. Our goal is to help you treat the symptoms of these outbreaks and give you back the confidence you once had. There are treatments—highly effective treatments that can give your complexion a smoother, far less inflamed and clearer overall look. Non-invasive and able to be done on your lunch break, the technology and procedures available have done wonders for even severe acne sufferers. We’d love to consult with you and figure out exactly how we can help!

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