Melanoma Detection: Skin Cancer is on the Rise

Skin Cancer Detection & Prevention

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Today is Melanoma Monday and we wish we had better news about this deadly form of skin cancer, but in fact the opposite is true. “Despite all of the efforts being made, over 10,000 people have died of melanoma this past year, this is more deaths than in any previous year,” says world-renowned skin cancer expert. 

The whole month of May is devoted to skin cancer awareness, detection and prevention. There are many surprising truths that you should know about melanoma detection and skin cancer in general, including:

  • Skin Cancer Truth: The age group that’s growing most is young women, thanks in part to the use of tanning beds.

  • Skin Cancer Truth: The tanning industry, a $6 billion industry, has hired the same PR firm that the tobacco industry has employed.

  • Skin Cancer Truth: Skin cancer is one of the only cancers where a true cause is known.

  • Skin Cancer Truth: Simple behavioral changes can help prevent skin cancer: Wearing daily SPF of 30, avoiding the midday sun and seeing your dermatologist for annual screenings or when there’s a suspicious mole or lesion on your body.

  • Skin Cancer Truth: Knowing the warning signs of melanoma are crucial.The ABCDEs of melanoma could save your life. If you see any mole changes that fall into the following categories, book an appointment with a dermatologist immediately. A (asymmetry), B (irregular borders), C (color), D (diameter), E (evolution) of your moles. 

  • Skin Cancer Truth: SPF ingredients are not harmful. A lot of these toxicology studies are showing very high levels of SPF ingredients that would never normally be used. It’s much more dangerous to NOT wear an SPF than to use one with these so-called “dangerous” chemicals.

The best thing you can do for your skin health is to schedule an annual skin cancer screening, just as you do with dental cleaning. Simply put, early detection of skin cancer saves lives.

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