Ask Us #1 : Tattoo Removal Side Effects

Q&A: Tattoo Removal Side Effects


I had my first session of tattoo removal nearly a week ago. I have no bleeding or blistering, but I do have intense itching. I’m also concerned that it is very warm to the touch. Is this normal?

– Cindy, TX

Hi there,

I understand your skin concerns.  Both the itch and the warmth is normal Рitching is common because the laser has a dehydrating effect. Also, itch tends to be a normal sensation during the process of wound healing and the laser the does cause some injury to the skin.

The warmth of the area can also be explained by the wound healing. Laser tattoo removal treatments break the tattoo pigment up into smaller particles that are then removed by the body’s immune system. The influx of immune cells into the area followed by proliferation of cells and vessels and vasodilation can cause the skin to feel warm.

– Schweiger Dermatology Group

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