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How Laser Tattoo Removal Cost Pays for Itself

If you are interested in getting a tattoo removed, one of the biggest questions will be the tattoo removal cost.

Many people think of laser tattoo removal as cost-prohibitive, but if you weigh the cost of living with something you don’t like on your body, the procedure pays for itself.

Why being tattoo-free is so important for your career

While a resume tends to get your foot in the door, your professional appearance speaks volumes. And although federal law dictates that a citizen cannot be denied a job based on race, color, ethnicity, gender, or religious beliefs, can you be denied employment because of how you present yourself?

Absolutely. That tribal tattoo on your arm from spring break in 1996 might not be the image you want to project anymore.

Just ask the hopeful New York State Police applicants. They have to undergo a strict screening process to ensure that no tattoos are visible to preserve a professional appearance and promote confidence from the public.

Think the NYPS is a special case? Then think again. This is undoubtedly an issue that affects many people all over the country seeking employment.

Your tattoo can be gone in just one in-office session!

Thankfully, there is now a new and faster option for complete tattoo removal that lets you say goodbye to your unwanted ghosts of spring break and old flames in a jiffy.

Rather than just a single pass of the Q-switched laser to remove tattoos, Dr. Schweiger’s R20 method is quicker and more efficient.

During the procedure, the passes of the laser are done with 20-minute breaks in between to allow for the tiny bubbles on the surface of the tattoo to disappear. In larger tattoos, we suggest starting with only two passes per office visit. The R20 method is effective and safe without any increased risk of side effects.

Are you considering a tattoo removal procedure?

Contact Schweiger Dermatology Group now for more information on this innovative tattoo removal procedure.

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