Cortisone Injections

If you feel a big pimple coming on, the best thing you can possibly do for your skin is to go to the dermatologist for a cortisone injection. We all know what it feels like when a monster zit pops up on our face, especially if it’s right before a big event. A cortisone shot, which contains an anti-inflammatory steroid medication called triamcinolone, gets injected directly into the pimple when it’s flaring. Within 24-48 hours, that huge zit will improve greatly. The temptation to pick and pop at our pimples can be extremely overwhelming. One of the best reasons to get a cortisone injection is to put an end to that urge to squeeze our zits. When you pop a pimple at home (something we refer to as “bathroom surgery”), you increase your risk of permanently scarring your skin and spreading the bacteria deeper within your dermis. Cortisone injections are one of the many different acne treatments here, and are safe for all ages and all skin types.

Best Acne Spot Treatment

Over the counter (OTC) acne spot treatments can be effective at targeting just one pimple, as opposed to your entire face. They are generally applied in the evening, before going to sleep and are a good alternative for patients who are unable to come into the office for a cortisone injection for acne. Topical spot treatments do not work as quickly or as well as cortisone injections, but they absolutely play a role in acne treatment. The best OTC spot treatments contain benzoyl peroxide (to kill the P. acnes bacteria), salicylic acid (to unclog the blocked pore), or sulfur (to exfoliate dead skin that is clogging the pore and decrease oiliness.)

The Fastest Way to Get Rid of Acne

Cortisone injections are without a doubt the quickest way to effectively get rid of an active acne lesion. Both adults and teenagers can benefit from cortisone injections to reduce their active acne. Cortisone injections use a diluted formulation of a medication called triamcinolone. This medication is injected directly into the acne papule (or pimple) to decrease the inflammation and reduce the pimple. Teenagers often request cortisone injections before a big event, such as a high school dance or senior photos. Adult acne can strike at incredibly inopportune times. And for some adults it can be just as embarrassing as when teenagers are hit with a pimple. While teens can suffer from taunting and teasing from their peers, adults with acne may not be seen as authoritative or hygienic if they have acne. For adults, the best quick fix for acne is a cortisone injection into an inflammatory papule (aka “pimple”) is the most effective method of getting rid of acne quickly.

How to treat cystic acne

Treating cystic acne takes a multi-pronged, holistic approach. If you suffer from cystic acne, it’s crucial to examine your entire lifestyle, including diet and habits, such as picking your skin. Picking and popping acne leads to increased inflammation, which in turn means a greater risk of scarring. The increased inflammation can also mean a pimple that sticks around way longer than invited. Cortisone injections can help reduce the temptation to pick at your skin. In addition to cortisone injections for acne, we recommend a combination of in-office treatments, such as chemical peels, PDT, laser and blue light as well as prescription medications. Patients who understand that the best way to treat acne is in partnership with a dermatologist will enjoy the greatest results and see the most improvement in their skin.

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