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Cortisone Injections

What Are Cortisone Injections?

It’s just before a major event, an important presentation, or a big date, and you feel an enormous pimple coming on. Rather than trying to squeeze or pop the zit, there is a much better way to deal with the issue. Not to mention that popping your own pimples can lead to infection down the road and potentially a permanent scar. With cortisone Injections, you can take care of that unsightly pimple within just 24-48 hours. Schweiger Dermatology Group accept same-day appointments for cortisone injections.

What is Involved with Getting a Cortisone Injection?

Using a diluted form of a medication called triamcinolone, the dermatology provider injects the cortisone directly into the pimple itself. This helps decrease the inflammation and greatly reduces the size of the acne lesion. Again, this generally takes between 24-48 hours to have maximum effect. But especially before a major event such as a wedding, prom, or a work related function, you want to look your best. Cortisone Injections for acne can certainly help.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There may be some redness at the site of the injection. But there is no downtime with this type of treatment. Within a day or two you will feel better about your complexion and more confident when it comes to facing the world.

Can Cortisone Injections Treat Cystic Acne?

Generally with cystic acne, cortisone injections alone are not enough. We highly recommended a multi-faceted approach to include such treatments as chemical peels, PDT, laser and blue light as well as prescription medications in order to best combat the effects of a chronic acne condition. Also, we will consult with you regarding lifestyle and dietary changes you might make to help reduce the occurrence of acne outbreaks.




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