Blue Light Red Light Treatment

What is Blue Light and Red Light Treatment for Acne?

Over 50 million people suffer from acne. For them, just going about their daily routines whether work or school can present a situation in which they feel embarrassed because of acne breakouts or perhaps thy lack confidence and consequently feel frustrated and depressed. Blue light and red Light treatments may be the answer for some who have tried other forms of acne therapies to no avail. With the ability to not only kill acne causing bacteria but also reduce inflammation, this FDA approved treatment has worked wonders on many of our patients. The red light portion has even been shown to fight cold sores, heal wounds faster and reduce bruising.

What can I expect from my red light and blue light treatment for acne?

A pain free process, the lights work in tandem to both kill the P. acnes bacteria responsible for acne outbreaks and also to reduce the inflammation at the acne site. Not to mention, the red light helps to speed up the healing process thus leaving patients with a clearer and smoother complexion sooner. The treatment is an in-office procedure lasting approximately fifteen minutes, and after even just one treatment, patients start to notice a difference, they start to feel better about their skin and can face that mirror again. As there is no downtime, patients can resume their normal activities right after treatment.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

We recommend 4-8 treatments of blue and red light therapy. Of course, as every patient is different, we will first consult with you to determine your treatment needs and available options. Blue light and red light treatments frequently are used in conjunction with other types of acne therapy, such as topical products and prescription medications.

Have Blue Light and Red Light Treatments Been Successful?

Our patients are generally thrilled with the results of their treatment. Again, it may be necessary to utilize this type of therapy in conjunction with other kinds of acne treatments as combination therapy is often the most effective approach to take for treating acne. The goal of course is to get you feeling better about your skin and looking great again!

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