What is Dysport?

Dysport for wrinkles is a purified protein, which is used to treat wrinkles on the face.  Dysport is similar to Botox treatment, but is a slightly different molecule, called abobotulinumtoxinA.  It has been shown in clinical studies to get rid of wrinkles for four months after a single treatment.  Dysport works by relaxing the overactive muscles of the face, in order to prevent the repetitive movements that lead to the development of wrinkles.  By blocking overactivity of facial muscles, wrinkles are not only prevented from developing, but existing wrinkles have a chance to improve.Before and after images of female patient who successfully underwent Dysport for wrinkles.

How Does Dysport Work?

Dysport is a purified protein that is injected directly into the overactive muscles of the face.¬† Once placed in the muscle, Dysport blocks a neurotransmitter (called acetylcholine) that would otherwise stimulate muscle activity.¬† This process allows for the muscle to relax and avoid repetitive movements that can lead to wrinkle development.¬† The benefit from a single treatment begins to appear after just a few days and lasts for approximately four months.¬† The result of Dysport treatment is a wrinkle-free, relaxed and more youthful appearance.¬† Our goal is not to ‚Äėfreeze‚Äô your expression, but to provide a natural-looking appearance.

What to Expect During Dysport Treatment

All Dysport treatments are performed in the office.  Prior to beginning the treatment, a thin layer of numbing cream can be applied to the treatment area for a truly pain-free experience.  However, even without numbing cream, Dysport is a relatively pain-free treatment.  The treatment itself uses a very short series of tiny injections to place the Dysport directly into the muscles to be treated.  There is no downtime after the treatment; most people return directly to the office or social engagements.  The effects of Dysport are not seen immediately; they begin to appear a few days after the treatment.  The full effect of Dysport can be appreciated 7-10 days following the treatment.

Dysport for Crows Feet

Crows feet, the wrinkles surrounding the eyes that tend to appear when smiling, are not the only wrinkles that can benefit from Dysport treatment.¬† The most common areas for Dysport treatment are the glabella (the ‚Äėelevens‚Äô between the eyebrows), horizontal lines across the forehead, and the crows feet.¬† Both women and men find that Dysport can help to smooth existing wrinkles, by giving them a chance to repair themselves once muscle overactivity has stopped.

Dysport to Prevent Wrinkles

In addition to improving the appearance of existing wrinkles, Dysport can prevent the development of wrinkles in the first place.  Both men and women find that by using Dysport to relax the repetitive muscle movements on the face, wrinkles are prevented before they ever show up.  The time to have Dysport for wrinkle prevention is when you start to notice repetitive movements of the face that leave temporary creases in the skin.  When left alone, these creases from movement eventually leave permanent wrinkles.  Dysport for wrinkles can prevent wrinkles from developing at all.

Dysport Treatment

Dysport is a purified protein, used to both treat and prevent the development of wrinkles on the face.  The most common areas for Dysport treatment are between the eyebrows, the crow’s feet, and the horizontal lines across the forehead.  There is no downtime after Dysport treatment and results last for 4 months after a single treatment.  Treatment itself takes only a few minutes and is relatively pain-free.  Dysport for wrinkles is an excellent way to preserve your youthful appearance or to improve the appearance of existing wrinkles on the face.

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