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The One Skincare Brand All Dermatologists Recommend

It seemed like every time I’d leave the dermatologist’s office, the doctor would send me off with samples of Neutrogena moisturizer, a high-praised staple for my prescribed routine. Then, when I became a beauty editor, most all derms I’d interview for stories spanning a variety of topics would recommend a Neutrogena product. The constant availability of the samples in the dermatologists’ offices and the fact that it’s such a mass brand made me wonder if there were some sort of contract in the game. But even off-the-record chats with dermatologist friends involved mention of the skincare giant. I personally do enjoy Hydroboost’s deeply hydrating and smoothing prowess, but I feel as though I’m getting more insurance using medical-grade and esthetician-developed products, even though Neutrogena is touted as the number one dermatologist-recommended skincare brand. Perhaps the fact that it’s drugstore gives me pause, but if swapping out some of my pricier go-tos for the brand’s fan-favorite offerings means good skin and saving a great deal of money in the process, I’m game. So to figure out if I should make the switch and why doctors seem to be so in love with the brand, I asked three NYC-based dermatologists for their unfiltered opinions.

Rachel Nazarian, MD.

Does Neutrogena partner with your practice in some form?

“No. No conflict of interest.”

Are you a fan of Neutrogena products? If so, which are your favorites?

“Yes. I love that they use science-backed ingredients, have reliable products, are well formulated to not cause acne, and are most often incredibly affordable.

“I’m a fan of its sunscreen—anything with Helioplex, which stabilizes the ingredients. And I often recommend both its anti-wrinkle retinol SA (which is an oil-free affordable retinol) and its Hydroboost gel cream (which is a lightweight hyaluronic acid).”

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Source: Byrdie – The One Skincare Brand All Dermatologists Recommend By, Lindsey Metrus

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