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Laser Hair Removal

In our New York dermatology office, we perform laser hair removal quite often. For patients looking for an alternative to shaving, tweezing and plucking on a regular basis, laser hair removal is a great option. It takes about 3-5 sessions for most of our NYC patients to experience 90% permanent hair loss.


What are some of the benefits of laser hair removal:

  1. Virtually anywhere on the body, we can remove dark, coarse hair.
  2. Does not affect or damage your skin.
  3. The sessions are short.
  4. Laser hair removal is considered less painful than waxing.


Understanding How Laser Hair Removal Works

Essentially the laser targets the hair root. When the follicle is damaged, there can no longer be any growth. Dark colored hairs are more susceptible to the light from the laser. As far as what you can expect during your New York hair removal appointment, some say it feels kind of like a rubber band snapping against the skin. However, most tolerate this quite well and the results are definitely worth it.


Best Laser for Laser Hair Removal in NYC

At Schweiger Dermatology Group, we first assess your skin type in order to determine the specific wave length that we will need to use. Our cosmetic dermatologists have found that the 1064 Nd:YAG laser tends to be the best as far as achieving maximum results. We only use the best in-class lasers in all of our New York offices.


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