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Intense Pulsed Light for Acne Scars

What Is IPL?

A true breakthrough in treating acne scars as well as sun damage and issues related to discoloration, Intense Pulsated Light (IPL) therapy works by emitting short pulses of intense light which target pigmented cells in such a way as to diminish undesirable effects. A method of rejuvenating your skin and creating a smoother, more refreshed look, IPL treatment is one on which many of our patients have come to rely.

Treating Acne Scars with Intense Pulsed Light

The red and brown marks left behind as a result of acne scarring can make you feel uncomfortable about your appearance. IPL, also known as photofacials, helps to greatly reduce the visibility of these discolorations in a gentle and non-invasive manner. Patients leave feeling happier and more confident about their appearance, and this of course is always our end goal. 

How do IPL Treatments Work?

After applying gel to the treatment area, our dermatologists will then perform the photofacial. With office visits averaging approximately fifteen minutes, most patients generally require 3-5 sessions. For optimal results, we often recommend IPL treatments in tandem with other methods of acne-clearing, such as laser treatments and topical solutions.

Are IPL Treatments Just for Acne Scarring?

IPL treatments can also address active acne breakouts. Using targeted wave lengths of light, we are able to kill acne bacteria and also treat the inflammation associated with the lesion sites. Not to mention, photofacials are also very helpful in terms of addressing a variety of skin conditions, including: rosacea and sun spots. An innovative and absolutely painless approach to dealing with the effects of acne as well as ongoing acne problems, IPL treatments are extremely popular and have proven beneficial when it comes to lessening the appearance of those telltale signs of outbreaks.

What Happens After My IPL Treatment?

While you may experience some redness following your photofacial, there is no downtime. Any redness that may occur can easily be covered with makeup. The treatment itself lasts only 15 minutes and patients resume their normal activities immediately following. We do encourage moisturizing and the use of sunscreen after your session.




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