Laser Treatment for Removal of Veins, Blood Vessels and Redness

Redness on the skin can be a cosmetic nuisance. If you have redness associated with veins, blood vessels, rosacea or the signs of aging on the skin, a specialized laser can help treat this condition.

At Schweiger Dermatology Group, we have several lasers that target redness, including the IPL and KTP lasers.

The Top Lasers for Treating Redness on the Skin

After a careful assessment of your skin, your dermatologist will determine the best method for removing redness, veins or blood vessels on your skin. At Schweiger Dermatology Group, our providers have access to the best in class lasers in existence. Some of the more common lasers uses to treat redness include:

  • KTP Laser: Short for potassium titanyl-phosphate, the KTP laser gently removes the blood vessels just below the skin’s surface that ultimately cause the redness associated with scarring or even with rosacea. It’s important that you consult with one of our specialists prior to any form of treatment. Various degrees and levels of discoloration may require a different type of laser procedure.
  • IPL Laser: A true breakthrough for treating sun damage and issues related to discoloration, Intense Pulsated Light (IPL) therapy works by emitting short pulses of intense light which target pigmented cells in such a way as to diminish undesirable effects. A method of rejuvenating your skin and creating a smoother, more refreshed look, IPL treatment is one on which many of our patients have come to rely on.  Photofacials are also very helpful in terms of addressing a variety of skin conditions, including: rosacea and sun spots.
  • Laser Genesis: Beyond a firmer, tighter and more even complexion, Laser Genesis has been used to treat sunspots and lessen the size of pores. It’s also been very beneficial for addressing chronic conditions such as rosacea as well as helping to diminish the effects of acne scarring and discoloration. With each painless treatment lasting under half an hour, the procedure can be quickly performed even on your lunchbreak. And patients can return to work immediately after, as there is no downtime.

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