Genital Warts / HPV

As one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases, genital warts are a common occurrence in the sexually active population.  The virus that causes genital warts is called human papillomavirus (HPV) and it affects around 20 million people in the U.S. While some strains of HPV cause genital warts, others can lead to changes in the cervix cells and potentially turn into cervical cancer. Genital warts are recognizable by their brown or pink bumpy-like appearance and the fact that they appear on the genitals and the area around the anus.

Genital Wart Treatment

For the best medical treatment of genital warts, it’s recommended to get an exam from a board-certified dermatologist the moment you spot a lesion. Genital warts are extremely contagious as is HPV itself. At Schweiger Dermatology, we offer the following treatments for genital wart removal:

  • Cryotherapy or Cryosurgery, which freezes and destroys the HPV virus.
  • Prescription creams, such as Imiquimod, Aldara, Zyclara and Veregen.
  • A physician dispensed application of the anti-mitotic liquid Podophyllin, which is washed off in the office.
  • An application of TCA acid to rid of the warts.

All genital wart examinations are done with the utmost discretion. At the time of booking your appointment, let the patient coordinator know if you would feel more comfortable with a male or female provider and we will make sure to pair you with your desired provider.