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Services Offered at Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration

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Directions for
Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair RestorationOffice

location_on 110 East 55th Street, Floor 11
New York, New York 10022

Directions for Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration Office

location_on 110 East 55th Street, Floor 11 New York, New York 10022

The Bernstein Medical facility is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical equipment specifically tailored for our pioneering surgical hair restoration procedures. Our office has been designed for your comfort, respect for your privacy, and to ensure the delivery of optimal care.

  • Physical Locations

    Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration is located in the Park 55 building at 110 E. 55th Street between Park Ave and Lexington Ave in Midtown East in Manhattan, New York City. Dr. Robert M. Bernstein and Dr. Christine M. Shaver are both on the 11th floor of the building.

  • Where to Park

    Paid parking is located around the block at 140 E. 56th Street at Lexington Ave. Paid street parking may also be available.

  • Landmarks

    Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration is minutes away from New York City’s famous Midtown Manhattan landmarks. Our office is across the street from the Concorde Hotel and on the same block as the famous Central Synagogue and a block away from St. Peter’s Church and the Islamic Society of Mid Manhattan. Bumble and Bumble, Chipotle, Starbucks, Bobby Van’s Steakhouse, Hotel Elysee, Sephora, Vivienne Westwood New York, The Korean Consulate, CVS, The St. Regis Hotel, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Indochino are within three blocks from our office. The 5th Ave and Madison Ave shopping districts are steps from our location and Rockefeller Center and St. Patrick’s Catherdral are six blocks away. The Times Square district, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and Broadway theaters are a short 10 minutes or less walk to our door.

  • Directions

    The NYC MTA subway system makes our office easily reachable by train. Take the 6 train to 51st Street station or the E or M train at Lexington Ave/53rd Street or the N, R, or W trains to Lexington Ave/59th Street station. Our office is accessible to both Grand Central Station (and MetroNorth trains to Westchester) and Pennsylvania Station (and New Jersey Transit and the Long Island Railroad [LIRR]). Dr. Robert M. Bernstein and Dr. Christine M. Shaver are on the 11th floor of the building.

  • Areas Served

    Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration services Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and much of New Jersey. Street transportation and the subway network make the office accessible to most areas of Metro New York City, including Lenox Hill, The Upper East Side, Kips Bay, Peter Cooper Village, Midtown Manhattan, Central Park, 5th Ave, Park Ave, Murray Hill, Sutton Place, Yorkville, Astoria, Long Island City, Queens, Brooklyn, and The Bronx.

  • Other Info

    We are accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC/Accreditation Association). The accreditation process demands proof of a high level of commitment to rigorous standards in patient care, quality improvement, record keeping, patient and staff safety and security in providing optimum service to our patients.

    In our effort to be environmentally responsible, Bernstein Medical is now paperless. In addition to being eco-friendly, this gives our staff and patients easy access to medical information, enables us to better track our patients’ progress, and saves time and space in our office. All electronic patient records are kept in a secure digital database.

    For more information, or to schedule a consultation please visit the Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is hair transplantation?

    A hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair is moved from the back and/or sides of the scalp, where it is permanent (donor area), to areas that are thinning or bald on the front, top, or crown of the scalp (recipient area). Once transplanted, the hair will continue to grow for a person’s lifetime. At Bernstein Medical we perform the two most effective types of hair restoration procedures, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). For the latter, we use new robotic technology.

  • What is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)?

    Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a hair restoration procedure in which naturally-occurring groups of one to four hairs, called follicular units, are transplanted from the donor area to the recipient area.

    In FUT, after the patient’s scalp is numbed, the doctor removes a thin strip of tissue from the back and/or sides of the scalp. The donor strip is then separated into hundreds to thousands of individual follicular units using precise stereo-microscopic dissection techniques. As the follicular unit grafts are being prepared, the doctor makes tiny slits in the scalp (recipient sites), into which the grafts are placed.

    If well executed, the use of follicular units ensures that the transplant results will look completely natural and be undetectable. Follicular Unit Transplantation was conceived by Dr. Bernstein and first described in the medical literature in his landmark 1995 publication.

  • What is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)?

    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a method of extracting, or “harvesting,” follicular units one-by-one directly from the scalp. In FUE, an instrument is used to make small, circular incisions in the skin around follicular units, separating them from the surrounding tissue. The follicular unit is then extracted (pulled) directly from the scalp, leaving a small open hole that heals with a small white mark.

    This method of donor harvesting is what differentiates the FUE procedure from Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), in which the donor hair is removed in a long strip that is dissected into individual follicular units under a stereo-microscope. The creation of recipient sites and the placing of follicular unit grafts are essentially the same in FUE and FUT procedures.

    The FUE technique was conceived by Dr. Ray Woods in the 1990s in Australia and was introduced into the medical literature by Rassman and Bernstein in 2002. In 2011, Dr. Bernstein began performing FUE using robotic technology, and now all FUE hair transplants at Bernstein Medical use the speed, precision, and consistency of the robotic hair transplant system.

  • What is a Robotic Hair Transplant?

    In Robotic FUE hair transplant procedures, follicular units are isolated using the ARTAS robotic system. The ARTAS system is a computerized, image-guided robot that automates the labor-intensive process of extracting hundreds or thousands of grafts in a session. Its advantage over other FUE techniques is due to its precision and consistency in extracting grafts. All FUE procedures at Bernstein Medical are performed using the ARTAS robot. You can also read our FAQ on robotic hair transplants.

  • Am I a Candidate for a Hair Restoration Procedure?

    The best way to find out is to be evaluated by a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon specializing in hair restoration. The answer will depend on the cause of your hair loss, your age, the stability of your donor supply, how extensive your hair loss is, your expectations and a number of other important factors that will be taken into account. Read more about Candidacy for Hair Transplant Surgery.

About Schweiger Dermatology Group

Schweiger Dermatology Group was founded to help make excellent dermatology care accessible throughout the Northeast. In 2010, Dr. Eric Schweiger started the practice with a single location in Midtown Manhattan. When he saw the need for high-quality dermatology care that did not require weeks or months of waiting to see a qualified provider, his vision of a multi-location practice was born.

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