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11 Cold Weather Skin Cures

When temperatures dip, we start shopping for coats and sweaters to protect us from the elements. Experts say we should think about skincare the same way. “Dryness is the biggest problem—everyone, even those with oily skin, is susceptible to the drying effects of a winter climate,” says dermatologist Patricia Ceballos, MD, at Schweiger Dermatology Group’s New Rochelle, NY, location. Here’s why: Humidity lessens in cool weather, leaving skin vulnerable to transepidermal water loss—a condition that causes water to evaporate from the skin, leaving your face dry, dull, rough and flakey. And coming in from the cold doesn’t help, as indoor heat sucks moisture out of the air.

Simply adding a few key products (and tweaking your application techniques) will ensure your skin stays gorgeous all winter long.

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Source: Serendipity – 11 Cold Weather Skin Cures By, Lesley Rotchford


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