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7 Brilliant Ways to Use Aloe Beyond Treating Sunburn

You likely already know that aloe vera is a great ingredient for your skin, but we’re willing to bet that you likely only think of it in the context of being a top-notch sunburn soother. (We certainly did, until recently.) But make no mistake about it, aloe is no one-trick pony. The natural ingredient can do all kinds of great things for your skin and hair. From using aloe vera for hair growth to an aloe vera face mask, dermatologists share how to use the aloe vera plant and some different ways to incorporate the green plant hero into your skincare routine.

Post-injury treatment

“Aloe vera has been shown to decrease a chemical called thromboxane, which is known to slow down wound healing,” explains Rachel Nazarian, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City. And, as an added benefit, it also contains magnesium lactate, a chemical that can decrease itching and irritation, she points out. She recommends dabbing on pure aloe vera once or twice per day for two weeks after any kind of skin injury.



Source : Yahoo Life – 7 Brilliant Ways to Use Aloe Beyond Treating Sunburn Edited By, Melanie Rud

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