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7 Things Dermatologists Do Every Day for Healthier Skin

Have you looked at your dermatologist’s skin lately? (Or, really, anyone who works in a dermatologist’s office.) Usually, they’re bright, glowing and have few wrinkles — the picture of healthy skin.

It’s not just access to the best products and in-office procedures (though those do help), but a commitment to healthy living that sets up their skin for success.

Here’s what five board-certified dermatologists told us they do to care for their complexion and slow down the aging process:

They Stick to Mediterranean-Style Eating

Foods included in the Mediterranean diet — that is, fresh veggies, olive oil and lean protein — are tops when it comes to nourishing healthy skin, Jason Miller, MD, board-certified dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in Freehold, New Jersey, tells

Dr. Miller also avoids high-sugar foods (think: desserts, candy, soda, juice). Past research suggests that excess dietary sugars speeds up skin aging.



Source : – 7 Things Dermatologists Do Every Day for Healthier Skin Edited By, Jessica Migala


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