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8 best exfoliants for every skin type

Self care is very important, and with your skin being your largest organ, it’s important to consider skincare part of your healthcare.

A great introduction to skincare is implementing an exfoliant, a physical or chemical that removes dead skin cells on the surface of the face or body.

The Independent consulted expert dermatologists, skincare enthusiasts, and real life reviews to find the best exfoliants on the market.

Dr Nava Greenfield of Schweiger Dermatology Group in Brooklyn recommends Belli Fresh Start Pre-treatment scrub as an exfoliator. “I recommend Belli Fresh Start Pre-treatment scrub which has lactic acid and cucumber. Together they make for a fresh scented and effective yet gentle exfoliating wash. Belli only uses safe and healthy ingredients making it perfect for even pregnant or breastfeeding women.” The product is also highly rated on Amazon, with reviewers saying the product is “worth every penny”.

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Source: The Independent – 8 best exfoliants for every skin type By, Victoria Gagliardo-Silver


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