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9 Best Anti-Aging Serums That Combat Wrinkles

If you think a face serum is just an extra step you can skip, think again. Thanks to the smaller molecule size and the potent, highly concentrated active ingredients, the best anti-aging face serums work quickly to penetrate into your skin so you can see immediate results. That’s why dermatologists love serums as a key player of your anti-aging routine. Lightweight and easy to apply, all it takes are a few drops to reap the benefits: smoothing fine lines, brightening your complexion, and evening out texture—to name a few. Hear it straight from the experts with their favorite serum selections.

Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum

If you have mature, extremely dry skin, look no further than this gem at your next drugstore run. The hero of this product is the brand’s Thermal Spring Water, which contains minerals, silicates, and other elements that soothe sensitive skin and calm inflammation. “Pair that with fatty acids and glycerin, and together they help restore a cohesive, smooth skin barrier and prevent water loss,” says ​Dr. Jennifer David​ of Schweiger Dermatology Group. Watch as skin gets back that coveted, healthy bounce.

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Source: Oprah Magazine – 9 Best Anti-Aging Serums That Combat Wrinkles By, Christa Joanna Lee

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