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9 Ways Tattoos Can Cause Complications Later In Life



For the most part, having a tattoo is an enjoyable experience. It’s art you get to wear every single day — something that holds meaning, expresses your style, and becomes a permanent part of your body. But in some cases, tattoos can cause complications later in life. And knowing what to look for is part of the whole tattoo ownership process.

Basically, a tattoo should be viewed as a mini commitment; something that needs just a little bit of extra care. “You should plan to care for this tattoo for as long as you want it to look nice,” dermatologist Dr. Jeremy Fenton, of Schweiger Dermatology Group in NYC, tells Bustle. “The most important thing you should plan to do is protect it from the sun. Sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher should always be over it when exposed,” which will help prevent UV rays from dulling or blurring the tattoo over time.


Source: Bustle – 9 Ways Tattoos Can Cause Complications Later In Life By, Carolyn Steber


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