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Are Moisturizers With SPF Actually Effective?

Moisturizer with spf


We’ve never been able to fully understand how moisturizers with SPF work. As a rule, sunscreen is meant to sit on the skin to act as a defense between your face and the sun. It doesn’t penetrate the skin, because it’s supposed to block out all those harmful UV rays. When it comes to moisturizers, on the other hand, the method of action is the opposite. Their very purpose is to penetrate the skin, adding moisture that wasn’t already there.

So what gives? How can a product that blends the two together work well on either front (i.e., protect your skin from the sun and properly moisturize it?). And considering that, how is it that there are there thousands of moisturizers with SPF on the market? There must be some evidence that they’re effective, right?

Nava Greenfield, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group in NYC doesn’t recommend combining the two products; however, she has a different view on it. “Although moisturizers penetrate the skin,” Greenfield says, “they only get past the very top layer, which pretty much still stays on top of the skin, just like a sunscreen would.”


Source : Byrdie – Are Moisturizers With SPF Actually Effective? By, Hallie Gould




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