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Are Retinol and Acids Safe for the Summer?

Safe for the summer


Retinol and acids are staple skincare products. And as a duo, they go from staple skincare to holy grail. But as the seasons shift and we enter summer, is it safe to use the sometimes-harsh ingredients in the season we also find ourselves constantly in the sun?

So, dermatologists break it down for us — from misconceptions to must-dos — when it comes to using retinol and skincare acids in the summer. And as it turns out, the recommendations are the same for both. And, thanks to the moisture in the air, summer is actually the best time to try out the duo.

“Skin is usually less dry in the summer, so in general, the products are better tolerated in summer than in winter, but only if used properly,” says Charisse Dolitsky, M.D., dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group on Long Island.


Source : Sunday Riley – Are Retinol and Acids Safe for the Summer? By, Drew Carlos


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