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Bella Thorne’s Skincare Routine Is Horrifying Her Fans



Bella Thorne has shared her unconventional skincare routine – to the horror of her fans who are concerned the all-natural approach could be causing more harm than good.

After revealing that she suffered from years of cystic acne and that her skin is “very oily underneath and dry on top,” the 21-year-old showed viewers how she washes her face – using only a homemade scrub consisting of lemon, olive oil, and sugar.

According to Thorne, the mask is an extra step for when her skin is particularly dry. She then added: “I don’t do anything extra, I don’t use moisturiser or anything crazy.”

According to dermatologist Dr Michele Farber of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City, at the absolute minimum, your skincare routine should include a sunscreen to protect against skin cancer and environmental damage.

“It is important to never skip your sunscreen – if you do nothing else for your skin, this is very important for not only skin cancer prevention but also anti-ageing,” she previously told The Independent.


Source : The Independent- Bella Thorne’s Skincare Routine Is Horrifying Her Fans By, Chelsea Ritschel